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Who What Why?

Everything we make is as easy to use as humanly possible. That's my primary goal in any case. It also has to look good and break some new ground. Also, everything that we offer has been crafted in-house to play well with our other stuff, share data, and offer a consistent UI/UX. Of course we leverage hundreds of quality open-source packages (and give back as well) - I mean we're not totally into re-inventing every wheel but we are primarily innovators.


I'm a full-stack web developer (with a creative streak). James is a skilful graphic designer (with marketing skills and a firm grasp of HTML). Between us, we can achieve pretty much anything that's possible on the web.


I'm firmly focused on web application development and currently offer 3 commercial SaaS products.

All client-specific work is currently built on top of our in-house web-application platform BackOffice, which provides the core services and data that our applications need. BackOffice is an operating system for our web applications and enables us to develop new applications faster than if we were to build them standalone or from scratch. As an end user one would probably only notice that most of our applications are polished and that is because they can leverage an existing comprehensive set of components and infrastructure.


Because we love building beautiful things that are groundbreaking and a pleasure to use.


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