Enhance connectivity within your team, with customers, prospects, and the community.


Cutting-edge technology meets the ancient art of fire-making to warm you and preserve the environment.

tivity Tech


No system is infallible. Mezosphere provides overview; peace of mind that you’ll get notified. It’s another level of security that’s fun, affordable, & reliable.


Lax client / contractor billing is costing you big!

Project managers need the clarity that Stage Project brings to contractual agreements and stage billing.


Startup Formula

INTRODUCTION Startups are different from traditional businesses in an early stage. A startup involves...

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BackOffice Overview

WHAT IS IT? As organizations have adjusted to remote working they've had to find ways to replace the...

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Who What Why?

Everything we make is as easy to use as humanly possible. That's my primary goal in any case. It also has to look good and break some new ground.

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Modern front-end web development workflows

What does it look like to develop the front-end code of a modern web app? As you know browsers understand javascript, CSS, and HTML (only).

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