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Startup Formula


Startups are different from traditional businesses in an early stage. A startup involves a unique product or service, and its business model intends significant growth (embedded in the DNA of the product itself).

Achieving profitability in any business requires a stream of experience, research, & energy to be directed at problems for an extended period. Additionally, startups demand innovation and multiply the already substantial risks of starting a business for potentially spectacular results.

Sanity check

Should I consider launching a startup? Not to be well paid, not for work-life balance, or early retirement. Picture a salmon swimming upstream; against all odds, you might pull it off. Startups are for accomplished people driven by an insatiable desire to succeed at any cost. If that's you, look in a mirror and ask yourself if it would be good to give your life to that cause.


What follows is everything you'll need as you formulate or re-evaluate your startup plan. As you read the following chapters, you'll understand what you have and need to develop to become a successful entrepreneur, leader, and doer. We'll lay out the landscape with information from research, leading venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and experts in the space.

  • Chapter 1 - A Great Idea
  • Chapter 2 - Personal Productivity
  • Chapter 3 - Team Performance
  • Chapter 4 - Leadership Style
  • Chapter 5 - Technical Skills
  • Chapter 6 - Lean Startups
  • Chapter 7 - Enlightened Marketing
  • Chapter 8 - Growth Hacking
  • Chapter 9 - Pure Grit


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