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Ananda Masri Ananda Masri

I make intuitive products that bring efficiencies to organizational workflows.

My goal is to enhance connectivity within organizations, so everything we make must be beautiful, as simple as humanly possible, and must make you feel good. Our products share data and are fully integrated with each other.

I take pride in keeping things current and on-trend. Typically, our systems are up-to-date with the latest software versions.

James brings creativity to Auro Technology. His work is original and inspiring.

James designed this website, the new face for the Auro brand. What's more, he nailed it on his first attempt; no iteration or feedback needed. That's his trademark!

He's a freelance designer and coach. Check him out at Makereal Consulting.

James Mannion James Mannion
Erica Tremblay Erica Tremblay

Erica is skilled in UX (user experience), brand and communication strategy, and client relations.

She's helping us sharpen our offerings on several fronts.

Hans is a very experienced sales and marketing professional.

As a startup on a shoestring budget, we're fortunate to have his help.

Hans Bootsma Hans Bootsma


Our productivity tools create connection and help your organization scale.
Ask us how to access, customize, or build the systems your team needs.