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BackOffice Overview

What is it?

As organizations have adjusted to remote working they've had to find ways to replace the bricks and mortar office with an online place to call home.

BackOffice™ is an organizational platform, a place for project teams to collaborate. It's designed for cohesivity and enables staff to contribute beyond boundaries and formal roles. 

It includes a CRM that makes branded communication with your customers, prospects, and community as seamless as sending regular email and automatically handles regulatory compliance. The CRM also makes organizing any kind of event very easy (including ticketing and printing name tags).



BackOffice™ is a mature platform comprised of several modules. By mature, I mean that it has been in continuous active development since 2007 and has served the needs of several organizations (including my own), delivering actual value.  

The core value is in simplicity (which empowers), integration between modules (data pooling), and a public-facing API, which cuts down on duplicate data entry and enables the system to function more intelligently as a whole. Think of BackOffice as an accessible organizational database where you can get your data back should you decide to move on.

For example, project/contract management and time-entry inputs drive financial reporting, monthly reports, and the project portfolio, providing data for research and proposals. Project managers and then marketing staff curate the portfolio accessible to the public-facing website via an API.

Each organization will typically use a subset of the available modules:

  1. Web Content Management System (CMS)
  2. Wiki
  3. Blog
  4. Project Portfolio
  5. Staff Directory with availability tracking
  6. Awards & Recognition
  7. Stage-contract management and billing
  8. Events and ticketing
  9. E-commerce store with products, ratings, and a shopping cart
  10. Store locations
  11. Testimonials
  12. Classified Ads
  13. Photovoltaic system status
  14. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    1. List management
    2. Newsletters
    3. Marketing Followup
  15. Time Entry



BackOffice is a highly configurable, brandable platform, with direct access to the developer via the built-in chat. We work with you to setup the product and are receptive to adding new features that could benefit your specific workflows. 

A BackOffice subscription gains you quick access to our support team, and access to our software development consultancy, which wants your team to grow and flourish.



Each organization is unique and BackOffice pricing reflects that. Our tools are designed to help your organization grow and scale - we aim to capture a small fraction of the value that we can add.

We often work quite closely with our customers and tend to enjoy long-term relationships. We're responsive too, cutting our prices dramatically to help one customer weather the pandemic. We carefully evaluate our prospects' needs and offer BackOffice where it will add significant value. Pricing starts at a meaningful but affordable $1200/month, which includes configuring the product to fit each organization. A BackOffice subscription gains you a business process improvement partner.

If any of this resonates then talk to us. We're not a sales driven organization and aim to deliver value freely every opportunity we can.



BackOffice™ uses group-based access control and a single login across all it's applications which are all designed/built by us and tightly integrated with each other. We'll consult with you to determine the blend of applications that will deliver the maximum benefit for your organization.

The CMS module can deliver a complete, optimal web presence (this website is built on BackOffice) and it also presents a public JSON API to facilitate a single point of data entry for all of your websites and systems.

We provide seamless tech-support, hosting, and backups for our products. Where inter-operable data standards exist you can freely import and export data. Upon request we'll transfer your data to you should you terminate your plan.


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